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September Newsletter Post by Pastor Stewart. Your Kingdom Come

by Jo Richardson

When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we pray for God’s Kingdom to come.  That means God is King. We pray for something which I think we don’t talk enough about or understand what it means sufficiently, as we journey through life as disciples of Jesus. Kingdom ethics and kingdom living are intimately linked and as […]

August Newsletter Post by Pastor Stewart

by Jo Richardson

An unattractive sales pitch or not? Promotional strategies generally highlight the benefits of something to others. It might be at a personal level such as the all alluring power of some men’s cologne or ladies’ perfume. Or how popular certain clothes or car or anything else someone is promoting makes you feel. If it makes […]

June Newsletter Post by Pastor Stewart

by Jo Richardson

If in Christ, then who are we? Last month I asked the question who am I? Since then we have embarked on a series in the morning services to explore the reality that a relationship with Jesus changes our life now and for evermore. Let me be more precise, when I say relationship that means […]

May Newsletter Post by Pastor Stewart

by Jo Richardson

Who am I? When our children were younger we had a game that they loved to play. Perhaps you have played it too. The game was Guess Who, and for those that aren’t familiar with it I will have a go at explaining what it is all about. Above is an image of the game, there were two […]