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December Newsletter Post by Pastor Stewart. Christmas Again

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Christmas Again I don’t think I know an adult who doesn’t experience a sense of busyness at Christmas. The year seems to speed up as we approach the festive season, while the demands on our time increase. Funny, as a child I remember time seemed to go so much slower. Birthdays, school holidays and Christmas […]

November Newsletter Post by Pastor Stewart. In the Presence of God

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The title for this month’s newsletter article is the title of a devotional study book written by R. C Sproul and for me at least it is in keeping with the current season at Lilydale Baptist as we consider the nature and importance of discipleship. In the introduction Sproul recalls a conversation with someone who […]

September Newsletter Post by Pastor Peter.

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“The night is dark and cold, a fierce wind rattles the windowpanes. A small ten-year-old boy tiptoes quietly down the stairs, trying not to wake up the others in the house. Slowly he pushes on the door to the study. Johann Sebastian Bach has a burning desire to play new music. After his parents died, […]