If in Christ, then who are we?

Last month I asked the question who am I? Since then we have embarked on a series in the morning services to explore the reality that a relationship with Jesus changes our life now and for evermore. Let me be more precise, when I say relationship that means ever so much more than just knowing of Jesus, it is a deep inner conviction that Jesus is Lord and Saviour. A relationship with Jesus is not lip service but a change of heart, submission and surrender of our will. A repentance that acknowledges the broken sinful nature of our humanity that leads to turning to God in hope of our salvation.

The apostle Paul often refers to the corporate reality of our faith as the body of Christ, those that are believers are joined together in one under the headship of Jesus. The Body of Christ manifests itself in and through the church. The church is much bigger than we imagine, it includes past, present and future believers. The church is not defined by nationality, language or culture, it is defined by those joined together through the presence of the Holy Spirit. So in short, as the church we are image bearers of the one who has called us, forgiven us, redeemed us and restored us into relationship with Him. We are God’s people called to do God’s work.

There are many facets to the identity of the church. One aspect of identity for us to consider this month is our call to mission. Particularly as we partner in prayer with those on their way to the Solomon Islands.

Edmond Clowney in The Church sums it up like this, “The heart of the Gospel moves the church to mission and deeds of mercy which have always been part of Christian mission. The Christian who has tasted the compassionate love of God in Christ must ask the question put by Jesus. ‘To whom am I a neighbour? I, to whom the Lord of glory became a neighbour on the cross- who is it that now needs my compassion, the love that reflects the love of Calvary.”

Mission is part of who we are and part of what we are called to do. What, where and how is God calling us together and individually? Wes Eadon heard the whisper of God to stir people up for the Solomon Islands trip (mission). What else is God saying to us, perhaps through the stirrings of your heart? Be bold, obedient and share. Who knows what God will have us do next.

Pastor Stewart.