Community Shop – Closed until further notice

The community shop is a great place to shop!

It is also a great place to meet people from our local community, to connect with them and build relationships.

Café – closed until further notice

The Café  is located within the shop, and is an ideal place to sit down at the retro tables with friends or a book, drink Monte coffee and snack from a range of great tasting goods baked in store.

Community Table – closed until further notice

Community Table runs every Tuesday from 12 midday (during school terms). People from the community are welcome to join us to ‘Eat, Pray and Share’. It is an opportunity for them to sit around a table and eat the free lunch provided and share life together.  Everyone is welcome.

Free Bread – not available at this time

Thanks to Baker’s Delight, free bread is provided to the community from the shop on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Community Care – Still in operation

People from the community requiring help come to The Mustard Tree with many different needs. We help them with pharmacy assistance and food parcels, clothes and some household items. Trained volunteer interviewers speak with clients, and assess their needs.

Food Bank – Still in operation

Food and financial donations are sourced from the Lilydale Baptist Church, other churches and the local community. Through food bank, we are able to provide basic food needs as well as fresh meat, fruit and vegetables to people in need.

Pastoral Care – Still available  Please contact Pastor Stewart Barnard 0402 287 720

Pastoral Care is available from the pastors of Lilydale Baptist Church when they are in attendance at the church offices. They may be contacted at the church offices located next to The Mustard Tree community shop. If you want to talk about your concerns, desire  prayer or have a chat about Spiritual issues, please call in at the offices.