When we pray the Lord’s Prayer, we pray for God’s Kingdom to come.  That means God is King. We pray for something which I think we don’t talk enough about or understand what it means sufficiently, as we journey through life as disciples of Jesus. Kingdom ethics and kingdom living are intimately linked and as such should influence and inform the way we live, worship and proclaim the Good News of Jesus.

Last week on the 27 of August, we commenced a series on the Kingdom of God. At that time we focused on Mathew 13: 44-46. In these two parables Jesus identifies the Kingdom of God as something worth more than anything else. Over the coming weeks we will continue to look at various passages that give further insight into the nature of God’s Kingdom.

John Dickson in a book titled, The Best Kept Secret of Christian Mission at one point draws on Isaiah 52:7 and highlights the good that is to be proclaimed centres on God’s reign. He then refers to Mark 1:14-15 and comments on the words of Jesus, “The kingdom of God has come near. Repent and believe the good news.” In doing so, he asserts that central to the gospel message is God’s Kingdom. He writes, “To put it in simple and practical terms, the goal of gospel preaching- and of gospel promoting – is to help our neighbours to realise and submit to God’s kingship over their lives (115).”

Are we submitting to God’s rule and reign in our lives? Do we live a life that truly reflects our faith and hope?  Does the way we live, speak, act and worship intrigue others in such a way that they are curious enough to seek God’s Kingdom too?

Pastor Stewart.