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Darrell McKerlie, Peter Los & Tony Burgum

Lilydale Baptist Church Pastoral Team
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Jenny Allen

Office Administrator
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Jenny   worships at  the Lilydale Baptist Church and also works 2 days a week in the church office. Jenny and her husband Trevor have 3 adult children and 6 grandchildren.  She is also  our Playgroup co-ordinator and has a passion for helping and serving in in both of these ministries.

Vicki Shaw

Office Administrator
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Vicki has been a member of the Lilydale Baptist Church for 29 years and has enjoyed participating in a variety of church ministries throughout the years. Vicki is married to Roger and has 3 adult sons and one granddaughter. Currently, working in the church office for 2 days a week.

Lisa Vincent

The Mustard Tree Operations Manager

Kathy Vincent

Community Programs Co-ordinator & Pastoral Carer of The Mustard Tree

Natalie Laukart

Lilydale Baptist Church Book Keeper & Finance Assistant of The Mustard Tree

Kathy Mitchell

Saturday Operations Supervisor of The Mustard Tree

Tracey Kelly

Cafe Manager of The Mustard Tree

Deb Shilling

The Mustard Tree Cafe Cook

Sue Bowers

Assistant Operations Manager of the Mustard Tree

Eva MacCartney

Operations Manager of the Cafe